Powder Coating

Our Service

We are well established in the vein of powder coating business and specialized in polyester powder coating, epoxy powder coating, metal, stainless steel and authorized applicator for Jotun & Oxyplast architectural coating. Our core business is to provide powder coating for various industries including: Powder Coating malaysia | Epoxy Powder Coating Malaysia | Polyesther Powder Coating Malaysia | Powder Coating melaka | Epoxy Powder Coating melaka | Polyesther Powder Coating melaka

Main Clients
• Vehicle Parts & Accessories
• Machines Parts & Accessories
• Aluminium Industry
• Iron Gate


Quality Control

* Raw Material
- Dents
- Scratches
- Corrosion
- Contaminants - Grease, Marker Ink, Heavy Oil & etc.
* Powder
- Test panel prior to actual production.
- Confirm colour and gloss of the test panel with the approved master sample.
- Check for contaminants.
* Loading Section
- Check for dents, scratches, corrosion and any other contaminants on the part surface.
* Testing panels are subjected to tests and measurements such as :
- Adhesion
- Pencil Hardness
- Solvent Rub
- Thickness
- Colour and Gloss
* QC Inspection
- Coating Thickness
- Overspray
- Inclusion
- Exclusion
- Dents
- Scratches
- Stain Marks
- Uneven Spary
- Powder Free Area